Bill's Background

Meet Bill

Since first being elected to the Massachusetts State House at the age of 23, Bill Keating has dedicated his life to serving the Commonwealth and has long had a reputation for taking on the tough fights on behalf of its hardworking families.

Bill comes from a family of public servants. His grandparents were Irish immigrants who instilled in their family a strong work ethic and commitment to community. His father, like his brother, was a police officer and later worked as a veterans’ service agent.

To put himself through college and business school, Bill worked as a letter carrier for the US Postal Service. After being elected to the State House, he decided to enter Suffolk University School of Law, becoming a Member of the State Bar in 1985 while still providing dedicated service to the residents of his district.

In the State House, Bill took on Beacon Hill politics as usual and gained a reputation for being willing to stand up to his own party's leadership in favor of tough but necessary reforms.

After serving in the State House, Bill was elected to the State Senate in 1984 and then to Norfolk County District Attorney in 1998. As District Attorney, Bill pursued some of Massachusetts’ toughest cases, making our communities safer and stronger.

Throughout his career, Bill’s priorities have been to protect and strengthen Massachusetts’ families, improve our local economy, increase educational opportunities, provide our seniors and veterans with the resources they need and deserve, safeguard the State’s unique ecosystem and keep our community and country safe. Just some of Bill’s notable work includes:

Strengthening Our Local Economy by Fighting for Small Business Owners and Defending Our Historic Industries:

* Helped engineer that Southfield Land Transaction, a deal to turn the former South Weymouth Naval Air Base into Southfield, a residential and commercial development that will bring 10,000 new jobs to Massachusetts’ South Shore.
* Introduced first piece of legislation:HR 1013, the Strengthen Fisheries Management in New England Act, which requires that penalties collected from New England fishermen by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration be used to improve the management of New England fisheries.
* Led the charge to end Oil Subsidies to Big Oil and introduced three amendments to eliminate the “welfare program” for large oil and gas companies.
* Worked to repeal the 1099 provision from last year’s health care legislation, which would have been extremely onerous for small business owners.

Introduced the AGREE Act, A Bipartisan Jobs Bill:
* Relief for Small Businesses
* Provides a 3-year extension for 100 percent depreciation of the full cost of business investments like equipment and property that small business owners incur
* Provides a 3-year extension of current expensing levels for small business investment in capital and expansion
* Support American Innovation
* Encourages manufacturers to increase American production by establishing an enhanced research tax credit for manufacturers to encourage job creation at home
* Incentives for Veterans
* Provides a tax credit equal to 25 percent of the fee associated with stating a franchise up to $100,000 would be provided to vets through this jobs legislation

While in the MA State House and Senate, introduced legislation to:

* Increase funding for emerging technologies and small-town business development
* Raise personal tax exemption for single parents
* Increase the "No tax status" threshold for low-income families with children
* Repeal the sales tax on services
* Cut the Massachusetts Estate Tax

Protecting Our Children
* While District Attorney, founded the Norfolk Advocates for Children (NAC), a non-profit Child Advocacy Center associated with the Massachusetts Children’s Alliance. Originally administered out of the District Attorney’s Office, the NAC now has a stand-alone building in Foxboro built and designed for this use – constructed entirely without use of tax dollars
* While District Attorney, provided anti-bullying, suicide prevention, drinking, drug and injury prevention resources and programs to local schools at no cost to tax payers – and often financed using seized drug forfeiture funds.

While in the MA State House and Senate, introduced legislation to:

* Increase education funding to high growth-communities
* Create Drug Free School Zones
* Improve school bus safety
* Require postural screening for public school students

Keeping Us Safe

* Renewed the national focus on perimeter security in our nation’s airports, an issue on which he is the leading voice
* Held a Congressional Hearing at Boston Logan International Airport on airport security measures across the country
* Traveled to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kuwait to visit our troops and review our counter terrorism operations.

While in the MA State House and Senate, introduced legislation to:

* Increase residential and high-rise fire protection
* Provide state oversight of elevator inspections
* Establish the Adult Foster Home Program as an alternative to Nursing homes
* Establishing the state clean water act to reduce phosphate content

Bill and his wife, Tevis, have two college-age children, Kristen and Patrick.